Most people invest their hard-earned money in a savings account in the bank, in trust funds, or bonds. These options are either low yield or require constant maintenance to produce good results. A lot of investors leave their investment in a sub-optimal investment vehicle because they do not have the time or attention necessary to manage their investment.

Real-estate as an investment vehicle - when managed by a professional company - can generate a very good yield, while requiring a low time commitment from the investor.

Amstel Vastgoed is an investment and property management company that specializes in:

  • Property management
  • Purchase and sale of Real estate property
  • Pre-investment financial and strategic consulting/planning

We offer our clients a stable and strong foundation for years ahead and open the door for you to a smart and profitable alternative. Our company’s guideline and goals are very clear - getting our clients the best annual yield return, and a high quality and reliable service.

Please view our website and contact us for more information, we will be more then happy to coordinate a consultation meeting and answer your every question.

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