Our goal is to provide management solutions that help our clients make sure their properties operate smoothly, increase in desirability and enhance their investment value.

The Amstel Vastgoed property management team will prepare your property for rent, market your property using a variety of channels, secure quality tenants, protect your investment interests and manage its cash flow.

We specialize in rental and management of properties all over the Netherlands. The knowledge, passion and experience of our management team ensures that our clients will get a fast, efficient and professional service.

We will take care of any issue that comes up, from financial and administrative management, through technical and commercial management, renovation, design and cleaning services. 

Our common goal is to maximize the profit and value of your investment.

Administrative management

  • We are always available for emergencies after work hours
  • Management and tracking of documents, contracts and critical data for the proper operation of the property
  • Background checks of potential tenants 
  • Detailed periodic reports
  • Clear and transparent overview of maintenance invoices 
  • Monitoring issues and responding quickly

Financial management

  • Full supervision on the property data 
  • Collecting, tracking and providing payments
  • Contract consultation service
  • Provide quick financial solutions for tenants issues

Technical management

  • Plan and execution of maintenance work
  • Monitoring the work performed on the project premises 
  • Provide quick technical solutions for tenants issues
  • Working with professional, reliable suppliers with high availability.
Commercial management
  • Quick properties rental 
  • Monitoring rental contracts 
  • Promotion services

For more information, we recommend that you contact us to coordinate a consultation meeting. Let us help you to make your life easier as a property owner.