Amstel Vastgoed provides the following services for you:

Consulting services

We provide consulting services in a variety of fields and are highly recommended as the first step before making any business decision.

Purchase and sale services

Property purchase and sale is our expertise. We take the market data under consideration through the bureaucratic, economic and business aspect.

We know how to combine this decision-supporting data and present it to our clients, keeping their interests as our top priority.

Rental Services

Renting out your property to the right tenant has a direct impact on your investment.

Amstel Vastgoed's real estate management team only presents potential tenants of a high standard.

Every potential tenant is thoroughly checked by us, Our screening process consists of verifying their backgrounds, permits, proof of income and bank statements.

To protect your investment, it is in our common interest to offer you a high-quality tenant so that we can guarantee timely payments and your investment will be properly maintained.

Investment services

We believe in custom-made investments. Every investment is unique and each investor is unique. Every investor has their vision and the goal they want to achieve, whether it is for the short or long term. We recommend that you come for a complementary consultation meeting, explore your options, and build your unique investment plan together with us.

Appraisal services

We only work with experts in their field. An appraisal is an important and complex process. It is very important to get the help you need from the right people who accompany you throughout the process. For more information, we recommend that you contact us to coordinate a consultation meeting.

Mortgage services

Receiving a mortgage requires early preparation that matches the future purchase. We work with expert, experienced mortgage advisors and together we build a custom-made plan for each client according to their needs and abilities.

Renovation services

We work with a variety of reliable and professional contractors that specialize in a variety of renovation tasks. After years of experience we know how to translate the customer's vision into practice and bring the best results possible.

Insurance services

An insurance package is very individual. When you get to the point where you will need to purchase insurance, we will take care of it and refer you to our insurance providers so that you can get the insurance package that suits your needs.